Having a website for your company is great.  However without a properly optimized website, it is just a place for people to go who already know your company.  The reason most of us have a website is to create new customers for our company.  When your website is not ranked on the front page of search engines, it is not helping you get new customers.


Optimizing a website is the only practical way to target customers in many different cities or even across the entire United States.  Unlike a Google Places-Plus listing, a website can be optimized for many different cities.  Liberation Logics LLC does not use “black hat tactics” or risky practices to get a website ranked on the front page.  All of our practices are considered search engine friendly.  Liberation Logics can make changes to your current site or make a new site for you that is designed with success in mind.


Do you want to know why your competitors are ranked on the front page of Google and you are not? Our company uses advanced software that allows us to see all of the information online about your competitors. We can see where your competitors have information online and handpick the best resources to place your company information. Liberation Logics will analyze your backlink profile to assess whether or not there are “negative backlinks” that need to be removed. If you do not have negative backlinks that are slowing your progress, we carefully start a backlink creation campaign. When you hire Liberation Logics, we will also generate online articles about your company. These will help your company move up in the search results as well.


Liberation Logics LLC manages nationwide companies and small businesses just looking to target surrounding cities.  The price for these services varies greatly and is dependent upon your geographic target.  Call us for your website optimization quote.  We will discuss your objective, target audience, geographic focus, and ultimately submit a quote to your company.

Give us a call at (619) 888-7437 and get your business noticed.